DES Summer Scholarships

Dear colleagues, Catherine O’Carroll, the French Inspector, asked me to remind you that the application form for scholarships to Vichy in France this summer is now up on the Department of Education and Science website under “Education staff”. The closing date is 26th March 2013.

The course in Vichy is excellent and it is a great opportunity to get to France, to have a great time and to learn lots. Please tell any of your colleagues who may be interested.

Many thanks and happy St Patrick’s Day.

Joe Walsh, President, FTA

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I’ve been using Memrise for a year with my students and it’s working very well. Here’s what happens…

Google ‘Memrise’ and select a course from the site. Your first word is given to you in the original language and in English.

Clicking on an arrow will often give you a "mem", a mnemonic which is verbal and/or visual. There is sometimes audio so that you can practice punctuation as well. Then you get a multiple choice test of the word before you go on to another word. You are tested again on these words and the test will involve typing in the word in your own and the target langua

The particular beauty of the system is that each time you log on you are invited to revise vocabulary. But if you get the words right each time you are checked at increasingly longer intervals. If on the other hand you make mistakes the opposite is the case. However all words recur from time to time. The idea is to check up on vocabulary at the moment when the words are likely to slip from your memory.

I’ve created a lot of short courses mainly aimed at Junior Cert. Google them with "rosmucfrancais" and select one or look at adjectives, for example.

To reduce the number of words, I usually leave out words that are very similar to English. These can be quickly covered in class.

Most people will probably want to make their own courses and the site explains how to do this if you aren’t happy with our one or the others that are available.

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Recording Orals

A query has come in from a colleague whose trusty Coomber cassette recorder can't be fixed. Is it all digital now, or what are people using? Any replies would be appreciated and will be forwarded to the colleague affected.  

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Des Liens Internationaux (2)

Une école italienne est à la recherche d'une école partenaire pour un projet Comenius intitulé "De Gutenberg à l'E-book". Les élèves concernés ont entre 14 et 18 ans. Le lycée se trouve à 150 km de Rome et à 150 km de Florence.

Les personnes intéressées peuvent contacter Christine Bisson

Directrice AF Foligno

Pour plus de précisions, veuillez adresser un courriel à

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Francophonie Online Quiz

The quiz will be online only on February 27th from 9.30 am to 4 pm.

Within the framework of the Francophonie events, the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France and the Alliance Française in Dublin are delighted to offer the Francophonie Online Quiz for primary (grades 5th and 6th) and secondary (1st and 2nd year) schools.

The theme of the contest is Discover Francophonie while testing your skills in French.

The quiz will be online only on February 27th from 9.30 am to 4 pm.

An awards ceremony and price-giving will be organized for the winners at the Irish Film Institute Dublin on March 20th. The winning teams will be invited for a special screening and a luncheon with French pastries!

The deadline for application is February 26th. Join us now on francophonieirlande.

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Projet Coménius

En tant que professeur de Français au nord de l’Espagne (région de St-Jacques de Compostelle), je prépare un dossier de candidature pour un projet de Partenariat Scolaire dans le cadre du Programme Comenius. Je m’adresse à la FTA afin de trouver un contact en Irlande.

Je vous serais très reconnaissante de me mettre en contact avec un ou une collègue dynamique. Depuis l’année scolaire dernière, j’organise un petit “Club de lecture” avec les élèves de mon collège-lycée et on fait des petites activités amusantes et on apprend, c’est une façon de réunir les jeunes autour de la lecture sans pour autant les ennuyer.

Mon idée serait de créer un “Euro-club de Lecture” dont les membres seraient des étudiants de différents pays âgés de 11-12 à 16-17 ans. On travaillera donc la littérature des différentes régions participantes. Les TICES auront un rôle très important.

Pour l’instant, les pays participants seront la France, l’Italie et le Portugal. Il ne s’agit pas exactement d’un projet sur la langue française mais, bien entendu, ce sera la langue de communication. C’est aussi une façon de faire vivre ensemble toutes nos langues et la Littérature! Vous n’êtes pas sans savoir que les délais nous obligent à faire les choses très vite.

Très cordialement, Sandra Rodríguez

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez vous adresser à Claire Rouquette à l’Ambassade de France en Irlande.

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French teacher wanted!

Chantal Guihard, an English teacher in the University of Nantes and in a secondary school close-by, is doing a PhD in Didactics, based on asynchronous and synchronous correspondence between French students aged 16-17 studying English as a second Language and native speakers studying French as a second or third language. The theory is based on synchronous exchanges.

Claire is looking for a teacher of French, or a teacher interested in French culture, who would like to work with her over a two-year period and to have his/her students speaking for 30 minutes in English and 15 in French with Claire's own students, via Skype, once a fortnight.

For the moment, Claire has a fixed time-slot on Thursday afternoons, but this can be changed, if necessary. The students would have an opportunity to prepare their discussion material in advance.

In fact, Claire had intended a collaboration with a colleague in California who pulled out at the last minute because the district of San Diego refused Skype-related pedagogy! 

If you are interested in becoming involved in the above collaboration, please contact us for further details.

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Substitute Teaching in Wexford

Presentation Secondary School in Wexford is looking for two teachers: French and French/German for subbing from January 30th to February 6th included (Teachers going on exchange). Higher Level Leaving Cert experience a must.

We are also looking for a substitute during the orals – From April 22nd to April 26th for French only but must have Higher Level Leaving Certificate experience.

Please send CV, Garda Vetting and proof of registration with the Teaching Council to the Principal.

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Participez au festival international du film français en ligne

10 longs métrages et 10 courts métrages sont en compétition.

Participez au festival avec vos classes de français !

Pour vous aider, le CAVILAM – Alliance française, en coopération avec l’Institut français, partenaire pédagogique du festival, a réalisé  10 fiches d’activités.

Les fiches sont téléchargeables et utilisables en classe de français langue étrangère, français langue seconde et français langue maternelle.

Retrouvez le site du festival

Découvrez les fiches d’activités

Cordiales salutations

Michel BOIRON, Directeur général du CAVILAM – Alliance française