Concours de lecture, 2021 : Guidelines

« À vos livres, prêts, partez … lisez ! »

« Lire à voix haute c’est faire cette rencontre amoureuse avec la langue française » – Emmanuel Macron, juin 2021

Concours de lecture à haute voix. À partir des extraits de romans francophones l’élève réalisera un clip de 30 secondes où il lira à haute voix le texte choisi.

Inspiré par les paroles d’Emmanuel Macron en juin 2021 évoquant « cette grande cause nationale qu’est la lecture » le concours francophone 2021 de la FTA Irlande visera la lecture à haute voix. À partir d’extraits d’œuvres littéraires francophones, les élèves travailleront la prononciation, l’intonation et le rythme en cours et chez eux afin de réaliser un clip de 30 secondes.

How to enter

Choose one extract from this selection of very short passages taken from different francophone novels.

Note that the passages are categorised into Extraits Senior and Extraits Junior.

Select one, or several, passages to work with in your class. The emphasis is on pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. A range of YouTube videos/channels may help you work with your students on pronunciation, intonation and rhythm, for example this, this, this, this and this.

Each participating student will record and upload to YouTube a short video of himself/herself reading his/her chosen passage. The ‘visual’ aspect of the video can be an image of the passage, the book, the student, a photo, a drawing etc. The judging criteria will only consider the reading of the passage.


This competition is open to Junior and Senior students. The recording submitted must be the unaided, individual work of the student and must not have been submitted for any other competition. One entry per student.

The recorded clip

The clip must include in written format on screen at the beginning of the video:

  • the student’s …
    • name
    • age
    • year group
    • school name
    • school contact details
    • teacher’s name
    • teacher’s email address
  • The number of the extract chosen, as well as
    • with the name of the novel/poem
    • the name of the author/poet.

Remember to choose from the correct category.


  • The submitted video must not contain any …
    • bad language
    • inappropriate references
    • violence, or
    • copyrighted material, including background music


The winning entry will feature a personal, meaningful, and accurately read passage of one of the francophone passages featured. The clip will encourage students to discover, to interact and to appreciate the diversity and the richness of the francophone literary world.


Entries must be submitted via this form only. The judging panel can only consider entries submitted in an accessible and audible format. Entries must be submitted with the student’s school email address NOT his/her personal private email address.

Submission of a video entry in on the understanding that it may be featured at a later date on with the name of the winning school and the first name of the winning student. No surnames, photos or visual details of students will be included.


Deadline for receipt of entries is Friday Dec. 10th 2021. Entries submitted after this date will not be considered.

Judging panel

The judging panel will comprise French language specialists and teachers. As many of the teachers whose students submit entries are members of the FTA, no member of the FTA will be on this independent judging panel. The decisions of the panel will be final.


  • Meilleure lecture / Senior
    • 1er prix :Winner’s plaque, €50 gift voucher, certificate, prix francophone*
    • 2e prix : Plaque, €40 gift voucher, certificate, prix francophone*
  • Meilleure lecture / Junior
    • 1er prix : Winner’s plaque, €50 gift voucher, certificate, prix francophone*
    • 2e prix : Plaque, €50 gift voucher, certificate, prix francophone*

*Les prix francophones seront offerts par l’ambassade de France en Irlande

A certificat de participation will be sent to each participating school. This can be included in the language portfolio of each entrant.