FTA Ireland State Examinations report : response summary

Thanks to all for contributing to the feedback report on the JC and LC exams 2024. The FTA Irlande exams meeting last night discussed all comments received and a summary report was sent to the DES immediately after the meeting. To briefly summarise:

  • The unexpected changes in the format and questioning in the JC written section caused the most concern.
  • The LC OL was, in general, found to be fair and within students’ expectations.
  • The LC HL Reading Comprehensions were found to be very challenging in parts. Q6 in both Reading Comprehenions was felt to be more difficult than usual.
  • The LC written section choice of topics was varied and fair but the unusual slant given to some questions was thought to potentially cause problems for some students.
  • The LC Aural, based on student feedback, was considered fair and appropriately paced.

Merci encore de vos retours.