Les candidats aux examens oraux 2021 devront porter un masque

According to a supplementary circular issued by the Dept of Education & Science today (see circular below), Leaving Certificate candidates will have to wear a mask during their Leaving Cert oral exams which will run from Friday 29th Mar to April 16th. The Dept of Education and Science had previously issued a directive that perspex screens were to be erected between the interviewing teacher and the candidate but that masks were to be removed for the duration of the interview. This was met with widespread concern among Leaving Cert teachers who said that the Department’s instructions conflicted with public health guidelines.

The FTA, which had been in touch with the SEC to voice the concerns of its members, welcomes the announcement that masks will now be worn during the Oral examinations in Modern Languages.


Arrangements for LC Oral examinations 2021/FTA voices your concerns

The FTA National Executive has been extremely busy this week dealing with the many concerns that so many French and MFL teachers have voiced in relation to the forthcoming LC oral examinations.

We have passed on your concerns to the SEC, the ASTI, the TUI, the 5 other MFL language associations and have also been in touch with the media.
In its reply of 23.03.21 the SEC refers teachers to its circular of Friday 19th March 2021, the SEC Guidance to School Management document which provides guidance to school management and teachers for the planning, organising, carrying out and recording of the 2021 Leaving Certificate oral interviews.

It also refers teachers to the language-specific sets of instructions for the teachers who will carry out the interviews issued this morning (23.03.21) to all schools.