FTA Review of French State Examinations

FTA branches around the country will be meeting this week to review the Junior and Leaving Certificate papers. Branches make their own arrangements to meet, whether on Wednesday or Thursday. There’ll be a National Executive meeting in Dublin on Friday to collate the feedback and prepare a composite report which will be sent to the SEC for consideration at the marking conference.

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Échanges scolaires

Queries from individuals and schools searching for partnerships and exchanges

Please note: in passing the following details on, the FTA doesn’t endorse any particular school, rather it publicises these requests in good faith.


From: Florence Ferriol
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am an English teacher from France in Andrzieux Bouthon (Lycee Francois Mauriac) and I am currently looking for partner schools in an English speaking country to set up a student exchange. Our students are 15 to 17 years old. Our goal is to make students improve their modern language (English and French) skills, in reading, speaking, listening, and writing, as well as to make them discover both cultures, Irish and French.

Would you be possible for you to tell me how I can develop this project and to get in contact with some schools that could be interested?

I would be glad to hear from you soon, do not hesitate to ask for further information,

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Florence Ferriol


From: Matthieu Pucelle

J’enseigne l’anglais dans une école primaire située sur la route des châteaux de la Loire, en bordure du fleuve. Mes élevés ont de 3-11 ans.

Je suis a la recherche d’une école (ni collège, ni lycée) irlandaise ou l’on enseigne le français afin de pouvoir correspondre via internet (vidéo, skype etc…) et si possible, réaliser un échange.

Nous souhaiterions accueillir de petits irlandais avec leur professeur ici, en France puis, nous aimerions nous rendre en Irlande.

Pouvez vous me mettre en rapport avec des écoles qui seraient susceptibles d’être intéressées par un tel projet? Ã défaut, pouvez vous m’aider et orienter mes recherches?

à votre écoute pour toute information complémentaire ou toute demande de renseignement.

Amicales salutations.



Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

I am the exchange coordinator in Fenelon High School, a large private school located in the 8th district of Paris (city centre): http://www.fenelonsaintemarie.org/

We already have multiple exchanges with various countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, India, Argentina etc (23 exchanges on the whole)… but none with Ireland! That’s why we are very keen on broadening our horizons and would be very interested in organizing a cultural/linguistic exchange (including exchange of e-mails and trips in both countries) with this country for the next school year for a group of 20 students aged 15/16 years old who have been learning English for 5 years and are eager to progress and to discover another culture.

I have already sent some emails to several schools in Dublin and Cork but have received no answers so far.

Would you by any chance know of a school which would be interested by this kind of project? Or maybe do you have contacts that could give me some advice in order to find a partner school?

Best regards,

Adeline Boulant
Responsable des activités parascolaires
Collège-Lycée Fénelon
Sainte Marie 47
rue de Naples 75008
PARIS Tel: 01 45 22 61 59

Ateliers de formation pour les profs de français

Bonjour Claire,

L’Alliance Française de Dublin, en complément des ateliers de formation proposés en déplacement dans les écoles, organise aussi des ateliers dans ses locaux de Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

A ce titre, Joe Walsh m’a conseillé de vous contacter afin de vous demander de bien vouloir diffuser l’information de la prochaine rencontre (dont vous trouverez les informations ci-après) auprès des enseignants membres de la FTA.

Ces ateliers leur sont tout particulièrement destinés et nous serions ravis de les rencontrer et de pouvoir les aider dans leur développement professionnel.

A titre indicatif, une session intensive de formation est en préparation pour la semaine du 17 au 20 juin durant laquelle divers ateliers seront également proposés.

Je vous serais reconnaissant de bien vouloir en informer vos collègues ainsi que les adhérents de votre association.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour davantage d’informations.
Bien cordialement,

Mickaël Lenglet

Pedagogical Adviser
Alliance français de Dublin

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Concours bilingue…

DADOCLEM lance le 3è Concours bilingue sur le thème du SPORT!


Depuis la création de notre concours, nous travaillons avec les Instituts français et les écoles et collèges à l'étranger afin de populariser la langue française à travers notre collection de BD bilingues « La marmite-O-langues ».

Après le succès connu l’an dernier avec le thème de la cuisine, DADOCLEM renouvelle son concours bilingue autour du sport.

Rédigez votre texte en deux langues, le français et, au choix, l'anglais, l'allemand, l'espagnol ou l'italien.

Écrivez un échange entre votre coach et vous, entre co-équipiers, avec le masseur, le kiné, un sponsor ou un groupe de supporter…

Mettez-y de l' énergie ou de la fantaisie, de l' humour ou des émotions, du suspens, racontez en deux langues une petite histoire de votre cru, et mettez cela en scène dans un dialogue sportif! Et bien sûr, les dessins seront les bienvenus.

Envoyez le tout à .

Nous invitons les enfants et les écoles en France et à l’ étranger, à nous envoyer leurs travaux avant le 31 mai.

Nous distinguerons deux catégories de texte allant du français vers la langue étrangère et de la langue étrangère vers le français. Deux lauréats de chaque catégorie gagneront des livres de DADOCLEM.

Je vous serais reconnaissante de relayer cette information auprès de votre réseau.

Bien cordialement,

Danica Urbani – directrice
Dadoclem Editions
26, rue de la Jalle
33000 Bordeaux – France
+(33) 5 35 31 50 39 / +(33) 6 715 88 755


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Oral ‘role-plays’ from the late 90s. Would you have them?

I’m hoping you can help me with an inquiry. I’m trying to trace 2-3 circular letters concerning French which were issued by the DES Exam Branch in the late 1990s.

They listed the roleplays for the Leaving Cert French Oral. The Roleplay was only an option on the exam in 1997 and 1998 (and possibly 1999 also) before being taken off altogether. I have tried the DES and the SEC and can’t seem to get copies of the roleplays/Circular Letters.

Strangely enough, I can’t even find a circular letter which states that the Role-play will not be an option after 1998. I would also be interested in that circular. Would the FTA have copies of this documentation?

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DES Summer Scholarships

Dear colleagues, Catherine O’Carroll, the French Inspector, asked me to remind you that the application form for scholarships to Vichy in France this summer is now up on the Department of Education and Science website under “Education staff”. The closing date is 26th March 2013.

The course in Vichy is excellent and it is a great opportunity to get to France, to have a great time and to learn lots. Please tell any of your colleagues who may be interested.

Many thanks and happy St Patrick’s Day.

Joe Walsh, President, FTA

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I’ve been using Memrise for a year with my students and it’s working very well. Here’s what happens…

Google ‘Memrise’ and select a course from the site. Your first word is given to you in the original language and in English.

Clicking on an arrow will often give you a "mem", a mnemonic which is verbal and/or visual. There is sometimes audio so that you can practice punctuation as well. Then you get a multiple choice test of the word before you go on to another word. You are tested again on these words and the test will involve typing in the word in your own and the target langua

The particular beauty of the system is that each time you log on you are invited to revise vocabulary. But if you get the words right each time you are checked at increasingly longer intervals. If on the other hand you make mistakes the opposite is the case. However all words recur from time to time. The idea is to check up on vocabulary at the moment when the words are likely to slip from your memory.

I’ve created a lot of short courses mainly aimed at Junior Cert. Google them with "rosmucfrancais" and select one or look at adjectives, for example.

To reduce the number of words, I usually leave out words that are very similar to English. These can be quickly covered in class.

Most people will probably want to make their own courses and the site explains how to do this if you aren’t happy with our one or the others that are available.

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Recording Orals

A query has come in from a colleague whose trusty Coomber cassette recorder can't be fixed. Is it all digital now, or what are people using? Any replies would be appreciated and will be forwarded to the colleague affected.  

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Des Liens Internationaux (2)

Une école italienne est à la recherche d'une école partenaire pour un projet Comenius intitulé "De Gutenberg à l'E-book". Les élèves concernés ont entre 14 et 18 ans. Le lycée se trouve à 150 km de Rome et à 150 km de Florence.

Les personnes intéressées peuvent contacter Christine Bisson

Directrice AF Foligno

Pour plus de précisions, veuillez adresser un courriel à

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