Webinar : L’apprentissage actif

Faites bouger les élèves dès la rentrée avec Kader Maikal

Sept. 15th 2022, 7-8pm (heure irlandaise)

Kader Maikal

Bonjour à tous ! J’espère que la rentrée se passe bien.

To help set the tone for the new school year the FTA Irlande is delighted to invite you to next Thursday’s webinar : L’apprentissage actif – faites bouger les élèves dès la rentrée avec Kader Maikal  

Kader Maikal, based in Denmark, is a practising teacher of French who believes that real learning takes place when the students are actively involved. He is a member of the Fédération internationale des professeurs de francais (FIPF) on which Irish teachers are represented by the FTA.

This event is accredited and supported by the FIPF. Certificates of participation, bearing both logos, are available on request after the webinar and can be used towards discretionary ‘Croke Park’ hours.

Join us for what promises to be a lively session to kick off la rentrée on Thursday next , September 15th 2022 from 7-8pm ( Irish time).

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Full details of the FTA autumn programme, including our annual conference on October 15th 2022 , are on here.

Please let your colleagues know about this webinar. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Excellent week-end à tous!

Ann Brudell
Chairperson FTA Irlande
FTA Irlande delegate to the CEO-FIPF