Concours poster 2020-2021

La Francophonie… en lettres

FTA Ireland is proud to bring you its 2nd national poster competition which this year celebrates the 50e anniversaire de la Francophonie. A straightforward, time-efficient competition reflecting the current realities of school in Ireland, in which students are asked to create, decorate and upload un poème acrostiche or acrostic poem formed from the letters of the word ‘Francophonie’.

Click and share the attached links with your students for a brief introduction to the Francophonie:


Eligibility: The poster competition is open to Junior and Senior students. The poster must be the unaided, individual work of the student and must not have been submitted for any other competition. One entry per student.

The Poster: The poster should feature the words La Francophonie, 50 ans. Each letter of the word Francophonie will form the first letter of a word associated with, or evocative of, La Francophonie. (eg. Irlande Indépendante, Rebelle, etc. All words suggested should be in French and associated with the spirit of La Francophonie. French words from all French-speaking countries are permitted. While the words La and 50 ans should be on the poster only the letters of the word Francophonie will form part of the acrostic poem.

Content: No bad language, no inappropriate references, no violence and no copyrighted material can feature on the poster.

Criteria: The winning posters will feature the words la Francophonie 50 ans with each letter of the word Francophonie forming the first letter of a word evocative or representative of La Francophonie. The poster should be illustrated in a lively and visually appealing way. The poster will encourage students to learn and appreciate the diversity and the richness of the francophone world.

Submission: Entries must be emailed to as a JPG, PNG or PDF. They must be submitted from the student’s school email address NOT his/her personal private email address. Entrants must also complete and email this entry form to Submission of a poster entry in on the understanding that it may be featured on with the name of the winning school and the first name of the winning student. No surnames or photos of students will be included.
***Deadline for receipt of entries is Friday Dec. 11th 2020***

Judging panel: The judging panel will be a French language specialist and an art teacher. As many of the teachers whose students submit entries are members of the FTA, no member of the FTA will be on the judging panel. The judges’ decision is final.


Meilleur poster / Senior : Winner’s plaque, €60 gift voucher, certificate ,prix francophone

Poster: Prix créativité / Senior : Plaque, €50 gift voucher, certificate, prix francophone

Meilleur poster / Junior : Winner’s plaque, €60 gift voucher, certificate, prix francophone

Poster Prix créativité / Junior : Plaque, €50 gift voucher, certificate and prix francophone

A certificat de participation will be sent to each entrant for inclusion in his/her language portfolio.