Concours chansons francophones

Un message de Nathalie-Zoé Fabert, attachée de coopération pour le français en Irlande. 

As part of the events about the Mois de la Francophonie en Irlande (March 2016), the French Embassy in Ireland organizes a song contest for secondary schools.

You are invited to let your students sing in French and create a video clip. Your students can either sing an existing song in French, create lyrics on an existing melody/song, or create both melody and lyrics!

The theme of the contest is to discover Francophonie through the variety of expressions used in the different countries speaking French all around the world, via this years’ "10 words of the Francophonie" ("Dis-moi dix mots") : from France « chafouin » and « fada», Québec « poudrerie » and « dépanneur », from Belgium « lumerotte » and « dracher », in Switzerland « ristrette » and « vigousse », in Haïti « tap-tap » and in Congo « champagné ».

Registration and sending the video clip is done online here.

Deadline to send your clip : February 20th 2016

You’ll find the rules and detailed information about the song competition on our Facebook page. Click here to access it. 

A Jury of musicians and French speaking persons will select the best 3 songs in each category, and the winner will be chosen by the students during the “Chantons en Français” event, on March 1st 2016.

This musical morning workshop will be animated by French singer and musician Caroline Moreau, at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. Schools entering the song competition will have the priority to attend this event.

A vos micros!

Nathalie-Zoé Fabert