Venez nombreux à  participer a  notre concours film

In response to teachers’ requests we are happy to announce that we are extending the deadline for our FILM COMPETITION « Le Coup de Foudre » to January 30th 2015. This will allow teachers who did not have time to launch the project before Christmas to spend a few days on same on returning to school in January. If you have already started you will have  more time to finish your film.

Those of you who attended the FTA Conference saw the winning entry and how much fun these students (all in 1st Year) had while making their 5 minute film. All students will receive a certificate of participation  for their folders. Follow the link on to see how easily a film can be made using Windows Movie Maker (although most classes will have at least one computer buff who will be delighted to show off his/her skills!).

There are very few competitions for French students in ireland. Show your students how much fun they can have in French by working with them on a simple project that will only take a few days!!

Pour en savoir plus, suivre les liens à gauche (encadré “FTA Video Competition”).