FTA Conference, Marie-Thérèse Batardière notes

Marie-Thérèse has kindly provided the content of her presentation to the FTA Conference in Maynooth entitled ‘Banaliser la producation orale en classe de langue’.

Marie-Thérèse’s original presentation was in PowerPoint format. It is redistributed here in YouTube format to facilitate a wider range of viewing options. ‘Slides’ advance every 5 seconds. To stop the video at a particular slide, click the pause button.

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Language Assistants

The University of the Littoral Opal Coast in Boulogne-Sur-Mer France has several Masters in FLE students available to work as language assistants from the middle of February until the remainder of the academic year.

These students are available to work unpaid, however it would be requested to help assist them with finding accommodation, things to do, etc in the local area. For further information please contact Kieran Phipps at Kieran.Phipps@nulluniv-littoral.fr.

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