FTA Membership Costs

At today’s meeting we decided to emphasise to French teachers that the Inspectorate expects teachers to be members of their subject associations. Accordingly, we encourage French teachers to bring this to the attention of their schools and request that schools pay for teachers to become members of the FTA. (PME: no charge; Part-Time (or not currently working): €10; Whole-Time: €20. The funds are used by branches to support local activities.)

Likewise, the October Conference can be seen as Continuous Professional Development, and is recognised as such in some schools. We encourage French teachers attending the conference to request their schools to cover the cost of enrollment.

Update regarding our online payment system for FTA Membership: we have encountered a delay in the implementation of our new system which is very close to completion although not yet ready for launch. We’re hoping it’ll be functioning during the week beginning 24th September. There are several permutations within membership options, plus follow-on possibilities, and we can’t launch this until every line of code covering every eventuality has been written, then tested. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

As an association, our priority at the moment is the organisation of the national conference. We’re volunteers, and the two small mountains of copybooks at my side at 7.20pm need attention also. Please don’t hesitate though to email any queries; they’re all replied to.

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