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Concours Vidéo – FTA 2016-2017


Our video competition is the perfect opportunity for your students to put their film-making skills to the test! See links below for some helpful starting points.

To submit an entry for your school, please download, complete and submit this form (PDF, 263Kb), ensuring that you have read the guidelines therein carefully.
Submissions deadline: (extended to) Friday, Jan 27th, 2017


2015-2016 Video competition winners


Helpful references…

If you know little or nothing about film-making, a great starting point is Vimeo's set of film-making tutorials for beginners.

Also see this YouTube clip for info that may be helpful to your students. (Click through to YT to enlarge the video.) External links on: Film School, Scripting Kids Vids, Creating Storyboards, and more storyboarding info.